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We have developed stylish activity tracker wristbands that you can wear for any occasion.

The wristbands registers your moves, calories burned, distance and sleep activity. It also shows you incoming and missed calls, SMS and social media notifications.
Either choose from our bestseller, IDOMOVE GO+, or our new product with heart reate monitor IDOMOVE GO Pulse.

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Our free app registers all your movements such as walking, running and cycling. It tracks your distance, time and calories burned.

The app can be used independently but if you’ve purchased our activity tracker wristband, the two products work together to motivate you to live an active life. 

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IDOMOVE training program is dedicated to motivate and help you achieving a more active lifestyle.

Our training program is completely optional but to get the full potential of the app, we recommend that you purchase one of our subscriptions – this will help you accomplish your goals and
follow your progress.

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Follow and share your results with friends and family, compare and compete in a fun and motivating way.

Connect with other IDOMOVE users and get the support and motivation you need to
achieve your goals.

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