Looking for motivation?

Our intelligent lifestyle app tracks your activity and saves your history. The app allows you to see how much you have moved and shows your distance, time and burned calories. The app tracks all of your movements whether you are walking, running or biking.

Choose your own character from the different avatars in the app and give him or her a name. Your character will follow you on your path towards achieving your personal goals and will serve as another motivator.


Privacy policy.

    Get daily feedback

    IDOMOVE gives you daily feedback by sending you push-notifications that helps you reaching your goals.

    You can find other IDOMOVE users, get your existing contacts from Facebook and Google+ and invite them to become new members of IDOMOVE.

    It’s easy

    • Follow your activity level: Go from Zombie to Super Hero.

    • View your activities: Time, distance, calories and goal progress

    • Invite, challenge and follow your family, friends and colleagues

    We encourage our users to set only realistic activity objectives. We would rather you use the features of the app to give you an indication of your current activity level, and from that you can slowly start to increase your level of physical activity.


    IDOMOVE gives you the possibility to set goals based on your current activity level, setting new standards for your health.


    You can set your own personal objective or we can help you by creating the right training program for you.


    Based on the user’s experience, behaviour and personal information, we develop a unique and personal training program that helps achieving your objectives.


    You can purchase one of our training subscriptions for only 0,15 EUR per day.