Get started with GO

8 tips for using the wristband and the app

1. Charging

To charge the wristband, detach the device core and connect it to a USB port. It takes 1-2 hours to fully charge the wristband.


2. Download app

Download our free app called IDOMOVE from App Store or Play Store.


3. Moves

The App and the activity tracker wristband will show you your moves during the day. “Moves” is a common name for all your activities; walking, running and cycling.


4. Bluetooth

Remember to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.


5. Lost connection

If the activity tracker wristband has lost its Bluetooth connection to the smartphone, the wristband will vibrate. Disconnection often happens to save power but it doesn’t affect the counting of your moves. Connection is being recreated when you are near your phone again.

6. Internet


You need an Internet connection to be able to synchronize the data on the wristband with the app. You can get Internet connection through 3G/4G or Wifi.


7. Set a target

On the app, every morning, you’ll be asked to set a target for the day. You can also choose to subscribe one of out training programs, which you can do directly from the app. The training plan will be created as a personal plan created based on your gender, height, weight, age and current activity level.


8. Set activity

When you change between walking, running and cycling, remember to change the activity in the app as well under set “Set Activity”. Here you can also choose which device you want tracking your activity – your phone or your wristband. When walking and running, both devices are equally qualified, but when cycling, you need to choose the phone – and bring it with you – as the GPS in the phone is needed.