Connection between IDOMOVE GO and IDOMOVE App

Check that Bluetooth is activated on your phone – if not, switch it on. If another user has used the IDOMOVE GO, check whether the IDOMOVE GO has been unregistered – press on the triangle button on the wristband to reconnect. If you have just updated the app, or if the battery of the wristband has been dead, in some cases, the connection will be lost and you’ll have to unregister the wristband and pair it with the app again, in order to reconnect.

At any time, you can register a new IDOMOVE GO wristband or unregister an existing wristband in the menu “Set activity”, then tap “Setting”. To register a new wristband tap on “Register new IDOMOVE GO”, and: 1) Select the device – 2) Enter the 4-digit code for IDOMOVE GO pairing – 3) Then tap on the “Pair” – button. To unregister a wristband from the App, tap on “Unregister existing IDOMOVE GO” and: 1) Select the applicable device – 2) Tap on “Cancel”.

The wristband might have lost its connection to the App. Open the App, log in and press the triangle button on the wristband to re-connect. If this does not work, please try to log out – this will disconnect the wristband and App. Then you can log in again.

In the menu point “Set Activity”, tap the cycling man and the smartphone and tap “Save” to select cycling as the activity. Registering cycling movements happens via the phone – therefore remember to have your phone on you. Moving with a speed above 40 km/h, the tracking will automatically stop and “activity” has to be re-set.

It is possible to use the App without the wristband but remember to have your phone with you.

Don’t worry. IDOMOVE GO remembers all your moves and yesterday’s data will be registered next time you synchronize data.

No. iPhone 4S is the oldest Apple phone you can connect IDOMOVE GO to.

You can see the difference on the back of the phones. They have different model numbers. iPhone 4: A1332 and iPhone 4S: A1387.

IDOMOVE App specifications

You can either sign up as a new user, entering your email or log in with your Facebook or Google+ account

To recover the password, tap on the ”Forgot password” – button in the bottom of the login page. Your password will be sent to the email that you have listed as your username. If you like to change your password, go to “Settings”. Select “Change Password”. You cannot change your password if you log in with your Facebook or Google+ account.

You can change your personal information under “Settings”. Then tap on the icon in the upper right corner and then “Save”.

You can always change the name and look of your character. Go to “Settings” in the menu and tap “My character”. Choose a new character and remember to tap the “Save”–button.

When signing up you are offered two possibilities: Purchasing a training plan or manually setting a daily target. If you purchased one of our subscription plans the daily target will overrule your own daily goal setting, but you will still be able to set challenges – If you did not purchase a training plan when signing up, every morning you will have the possibility to set your own daily target. For example starting with 5000 moves – In the menu “Training Plan” you can purchase a subscription plan that gives you the opportunity to receive a new daily target, which is based on your personal data such as your current performance level, age, height and gender.

Go to “My Challenges” in the menu. Here you can view your active challenges. Tap on “+” in the upper right corner and it will now be possible to create a new challenge. Choose your opponent or make a joint effort. Create as many challenges as you like, there are no limits.

Go to the menu, select “Set Activity” and tap on the illustration of a running man.

Check to see if the activity you want to track is set as your current activity on the App. Go to “Set activity” in the menu and choose either your smartphone or the IDOMOVE GO wristband as your activity tracker. Choose the activity you want to perform and tap on the “Save” – button.

When reaching a new activity level there will be send a push-notification telling that you have now reached the next level. If you have moved less than 200 moves within 2 hours you will receive a reminder via push-notification. You can receive push-notifications from 7am until 10pm.

If you want to avoid ads on the App you have to purchase one of our subscription plans. You can purchase one of our subscriptions by going to “Training Program” in the menu list.

You can buy a subscription in the menu “Training Program”. You can choose between three different subscription plans. You can either choose a 30 day, 3 month or 6-month subscription – When you have bought the subscription, you will receive a new daily challenge, which matches your current activity level, height, weight, gender and age.

Read our terms and condition

You can find your activity history by going to “Activity level” in the menu and tap on your character. The app will store your activity history up to one month at the time.

It is not possible to delete any of your data. If you want to get rid of your data you will have to create a new user.

You can only monitor your sleep quality using IDOMOVE GO.

Go to “Invite Friends” in the menu list

IDOMOVE GO specifications

Detach the device core and connect it to a PC or Power Bank via the USB port. You can also use a standard 5V—300mA recharger.

Make sure your IDOMOVE GO is fully charged and that the app is updated. Is it still not working, go to menu, choose “Set activity” and press “Setting”. Now you can unregister and register your IDOMOVE GO all over again.

Double-click on the triangle button to turn it off and double-click again to turn it back on.

Press and hold down the triangle button for 3 seconds and the wristband will switch to “Temporary Mode”. Hold the button for 3 seconds again to switch back to “Normal Mode”.

Blue LED light shows low amount of exercise (120 steps/min). If you have exceeded 10.000 moves in one day, the wristband will vibrate continuously 3 times and display a red light.

You can set the alarm clock in the app. Go to “Alarm Clock” in the menu list and create an alarm. When the alarm goes off, your wristband will vibrate for 1 minute. Press the triangle button to cancel it.

Go to the menu in the App, select “Set activity” and tap on the illustration of a running man. Select the wristband and tap “Save”.

The DOMOVE GO needs to be worn during the night to be able to track your sleep quality. The wristband tracks your movements during the period you want monitored by setting the sleeping time in the app. Go to “Sleeping Tracker” and choose start and end time. Go to “Sleep Activity” to view your data next morning.

For further information, please go to User Manual.