From thought to action

Sometimes the motivation is simply lacking! The people behind IDOMOVE learned early on, that the solution needed to start moving and maybe most importantly to stay active lies in the motivation. The visibility of how much your activities during the day can create that. Actually, it does not take much to improve your activity level – small steps lead to great progress!

We all know the feeling. Finding the motivation to get started can be a great challenge, not to mention an almost insurmountable struggle, and once the motivation is lagging, there is a very long way to achieving your dreams and goals.

At IDOMOVE we believe, that our motivating app and wearable activity tracker can be the solution for many people. By making one’s daily movement visible you increase the motivation to start moving a little more every dag.

We believe that the key to success is the motivation, which is why we put great emphasis on that. Through training programs, we develop customized objectives that suit the individual.


IDOMOVE is a company located in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. The company was founded in 2011 and today it consists of a bunch of enthusiastic, dedicated and creative people with great passion. They built the company from their innovative mind-set and positive approach to life.

IDOMOVE’s first activity tracker and app was launched in 2012. Back then, the product was primarily aimed at companies in which the goal was to activate employees.

Up until today, users have walked what is equivalent to about 25 times around the earth. Based on the feedback and experience of our members, a further development of our products began and after three years of experience, we introduced in the winter of 2014 IDOMOVE’s new App and activity wristband IDOMOVE GO.


Our mission is to motivate to exercise. It should be fun to be active and we believe that tracking your improvement in activity will create happiness and motivation to live a more active life.

We move People