Training Program

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Receive a new personal activity objective on a daily basis

With IDOMOVE every morning starts with a new exciting goal for the day. With an IDOMOVE training program, every morning, you receive a personal objective designed using your personal data and current performance stats.

Upon signing-up for an IDOMOVE training plan, you will not be exposed to any advertisements in the IDOMOVE App.

The daily challenge is personal and in line with a physician’s recommended increase in activity level over time – all made to fit you.

NOTE: Our training program is completely optional!

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You purchase the subscription via the IDOMOVE App.

30- days subscription plan

  • Only 0,26€ a day

3-months subscription plan

  • Only 0,20€ a day
  • Only 5,99€ a month

6 months subscription plan

  • Only 0,15€ a day
  • Only 4,50€ a month