User manual IDOMOVE GO


Thank you for choosing IDOMOVE GO.

IDOMOVE will be your daily coach, motivating you to set new targets for an active life.

Making everyday training fun, motivating and simple.



  • Device Core x 1
  • Wristband x 1
  • Metal Buckle x 1
  • English Manual x 1

1. Setup Instruction

The device core needs to be detached for charging.

The adjustable wristband is a good fit for everyone – from children to adults. For some people it may fit around the ankle as well.


1.1 Attaching the device core

Press the buckle to lock it into the wristband.



1.2. Detaching the device core

Bend wristband downwards and lift up the core. Pull out the device core



1.3. USB charging

It takes 1-2 hours to fully charge the band. Connect the device core to a PC or Power Bank via the USB port.

You can also use a standard 5V—300mA recharger.


2. Data Synchronization

The IDOMOVE Go is compatible with most Android devices and iOS devices that support Bluetooth 4.0. The minimum OS required is either Android 4.3 or iOS 7.0.


2.1. App Installation

Go to App Store / Google Play to download and install the APP “IDOMOVE”. Launch the app and enable your mobile’s network connection via Wi-Fi or 3G band.


2.2. Login & New User Registration

Existing users

You can log in to the app with your existing credentials if you have already created an account.

Alternatively, you can also log in using Facebook/Google+ if you have a registered account or registered ids.

New User Registration

If you’re a new user, then fill out the quick registration form and click on “Register”.

Once you click on “Register”, you’ll be redirected to a screen to fill out your personal data and click on “Next” to choose your buddy and give it a name. Then click on the “Next” button again.

After you selected your buddy, you need to choose whether you want to subscribe to a training plan, enter a promotion code or manually set your targets every day. Confirm your selection with the “Next” button.

Chooes your subscribtion plan

Buy a personal plan for as little as 0.2$ a day.

After you choose your subscription plan, you will be redirected to the “Find your Wristband” screen.


2.3. Pairing:

After logging in, tap the button “Search IDOMOVE Go to pair” and press the triangle button “START” on the Wristband .

Pkt. 2.3

You will see a pairing code (4 figures) on your Wristband screen. Enter the 4 figures into the dialogue box and tap “Pair”. Please repeat this step, if you do not get a pairing code within 60s.


2.4. After Pairing

Click on the top left-hand menu icon to open all the left-hand menu navigators.



2.5. Track Activity


  • Remember to update your current “activity” level by selecting the appropriate icon in the “Track Activity” screen, from the left-hand menu.
  • Using this screen, you can also change your currently active “Wristband” device to record your steps.
  • Press the “Save” button to save your changes.

Advanced settings

At any time, you can register a new IDOMOVE GO band or unregister the existing band in the “Advanced settings”.

To register a new band click on “Register new Wristband ”, then:

1. Select the device

2. Enter the 4 digit code for Wristband pairing

3. Then press “Pair” button


To unregister a band from the app, click on “Unregister existing Wristband ” and then:

1. Select the applicable device

2. Click on “Cancel” icon



  • Press and hold down the button for 3 sec, the Wristband will switch to “temporary mode”. Hold the button for 3 sec again to switch back to “normal mode”.


  • Normal Mode Icon:Normal-Mode-Icon2


  •  Temporary Mode Icon:Temporary-Mode-Icon1


LED Light

LED light flickers red, green or blue, according to the intensity of the exercise.

1. Blue LED light shows low amount of exercise(<60 steps/min).

2. Green LED light shows medium amount of exercise(60 – 120 steps/min).

3. Red LED light shows hight amount of exercise(>120 steps/min).

Goal achieved mode: If the steps you have taken exceeds 10000 in one day, the Wristband will vibrate continuously 3 times and display a red light.


Sleep Tracker

The app will automatically detect the  data while you sleep and you can view your nightly activity in the app by opening the left-hand menu and clicking on  “Sleep Tracker”.

Remark: If the app stops working, it may be because your phone´s internet connection has been interrupted. In such a situation, please exit the app and reconnect your phone with the internet and press the button to activate the Wristband.


Alarm Clock

A vibrating alarm. It’ll continuously vibrate for 1 minute. Press the button to cancel it. 



  • Avoid placing it in an extremely high or low temperature environment  (below -40C and over +60C )
  • Please keep the Wristband in a dry environment. It is essentially water-resistant (IP67) so you can wear it whilst you wash your hands. However, it cannot be used under such situations as swimming or taking a shower.
  • Do not tamper with the device as you may damage the inner PCB.
  • Do not put your hands near heating equipment such as a microwave or an oven.
  • If your Wristband keeps flashing then avoid direct contact with your eyes or your pets eyes.   To set the alarm clock in the app, open the left-hand menu and click on the “Alarm Clock”.
  • The Wristband and accessories should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not use chemicals, detergents or hand sanitizer to clean the Wristband.   LED light is always on. Double-click the button to turn it off, vice versa.